Practising entrepreneurship through real processes in real world simulation

Practice enterprise is a simulated enterprise formed by students. There is a real enterprise working in the background of the simulated one. The actions, products and services of the practice enterprise are similar to the real business world.

Practice enterprises trade in a world wide practice enterprise network. The network includes over 40 countries and nearly 8000 practice enterprises.

Practice enterprise is recommended by the commission of EU as an international and practical teaching method. The learning method provides practical entrepreneurship knowledge. The method provides also information on how to become entrepreneur.

Studying and working in a practice enterprise gives students the capacity to cope in the ever changing international business world. You learn foreign languages at the same time while doing international business. As an addition students learn more of teamwork and interaction.

The center of operation, FINPEC

The Finnish Practice Enterprise Centre (FINPEC) aids and assists practice enterprises in every phase of their action. FINPEC works in several fields of business branches.

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