FINPEC current events



The Czech Trade Fair 2012 will be held in Prague on 20.-22.3.2012. More information from Trade Fair - section.


It is once again time for the practice enterprises to start their work. New practice enterprises will be added to Practice enterprise database as soon as they have started working. Every student will get a username and a password to VEPEN learning environment. Please find the Contact information form, which has to be filled by every practice enterprise and send it to FINPEC.  You can find the Contact information form under the headline Virma on our web pages. After finishing the form please send it to FINPEC via email as an attachment.   

Later this Fall new segments will be introduced to VEPEN. Business registration and taxation have already been introduced and later on a Trainer administration –section will be introduced. We will give more information on a later date. Please familiarize yourself with VEPEN guide which can be found from VEPEN learning environment.

NOTE! Please check that you are using a web browser which is somewhat new. VEPEN learning environment might not cooperate fully with older web browsers.