Users and operators

VEPEN virtual learning environment has been designed and built for educational institutes and students studying in various fields of studies and educational levels. Practice Enterprises works through real processes in real world simulation. For learning entrepreneurial skills the Practice Enterprise method is the most suitable for. There are nearly 100 Practice Enterprises working in VEPEN at the moment. Possibilities to international cooperation are endless; there are nearly 6000 Practice Enterprises all over the world. In Finland the Practice Enterprise method is being used in various fields of education and educational levels.

Attached you can find the contact information form for your practice enterprise. Please send the contact information form back to FINPEC office as soon as you have started your practice enterprise. You can give additional information also later so the contact information form can be updated also later on. The information given in the contact information form will be transferred to our practice enterprise database. We will generate your passwords to VEPEN on the information given in the form. At the same time the business account of your practice enterprise and the personal accounts of employees will be opened.