Virma – Practice Enterprise services     

All of the services that are given to practice enterprises are collected under the VIRMA service. Virma practice enterprise services include international services, VEPEN learning environment, trade fair and Europen quality certificate EQC. You can find more information from each service section from the manu on the right or from the users menu.   

FINPEC provides a wide range of services for practice enterprises. These services makes it possible for practice enterprises to work as realistically as possible when compared to real life businesses. These services are also meant to provide a continues and uninterrupted learning experience. One of the services that FINPEC provides is for example to administrate VEPEN learning environment. FINPEC provides for example  tax services, business registration services, market place, insurance services, bank services, service contract businesses, supply companies and different informative and advisory services.   

FINPEC organizes international trade fairs and seminars in Finland. In addition FINPEC arranges training for the people who are working with practice enterprises. FINPEC is involved in many development projects nationally and internationally.

Here you can find the contact information form for your practice enterprise. Please send the contact information form back to FINPEC office as soon as you have started your practice enterprise. You can give additional information also later so the contact information form can be updated also later on. The information given in the contact information form will be transferred to our practice enterprise database. We will generate your passwords to VEPEN on the information given in the form. At the same time the business account of your practice enterprise and the personal accounts of employees will be opened.

Every pratice enterprise should have their company's own email address. Company's own email address eases marketing because part of the marketing letters and documents will be sent by email. This way every practice enterprise student are able to read documents conserning the company.